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October 01, 2021, 01:00 AM

Brothers in Recovery: A Conversation

A talk by Chris Marshall, Brandon Anthony, Josephe Buchanan, Eric Rias and Quentin Vennie
Sans Bar, #RECOVERYROAD on Reddit, Sober is Dope!, BigMood & Greenhouse Tea Company

What if we just let the conversation FLOW? We're honored to host "Brothers in Recovery: A Conversation" at Sober Voices FLOW, in partnership with the @soberisdope podcast.

With: 〰️Pop Buchanan @popbuchanan, CEO of @soberisdope @monkhealing & Global Recording Artist 〰️Chris Marshall @sans_bar, Owner of Sans Bar in Austin, TX 〰️Brandon Anthony @brandonbehappy, Founder of @santanasfund 〰️Quentin Vennie @quentinvennie, Author of "Strong in the Broken Places" and Co-founder of @greenhouseteas 〰️AND〰️ 〰️Eric Rias @eric_bigmoodcoach, Owner of BigMood, coach, interventionist, and host of Hearts Over Everything Podcast