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October 02, 2021, 10:00 PM

Meet Sober Dating: One Date at a Time.

A talk by Kathy V. Founder, Sober Dating App

This is just a glimpse into the app & team behind Sober Dating, which is launching soon!

Find out more at

Help them launch by pre-ordering the app today. Once they hit 1,000 subscribers, we go LIVE! The app will automatically download to your device, and as a “Thank You,” the first 1,000 subscribers will get the first 6 MONTHS FREE! Join by clicking here.

What Makes Sober Dating Different?

"At sober dating you will find a community made up of people with one thing in common: We are empowered and enriched by a life free from drugs and alcohol. But we are not defined by what we don’t do or by what our life is lived without; but rather how our life has been filled with so much more- light and acceptance, clarity and spirituality, sobriety and love."

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