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September 30, 2021, 04:30 PM

🎴Tarot Talk: Dropping Into Your Intuition

A talk by Laura Campagna Laura Campagna Astrology Visit site

Closed Captions for this LIVE session are on their way!

Upon Awakening, we're invited to consider the 24 hours ahead. Tarot as conscious contact with the divine can help guide us throughout our day. This morning presentation will guide participants in dropping into their own intuitive sense of knowing. Tarot is a magical and accessible way to get and stay connected with a loving power greater than ourselves.

Starting the day right is key to staying centered and aligned as we move through life’s challenges one day at a time. This workshop will strengthen your intuition and connection with Higher Power, however you define it.

Bring your cards and your curiosity. Laura will lead you through a grounding and centering exercise. We will then practice reading tarot intuitively through meditation, reflection and journaling. Laura will discuss how tarot can be used to make decisions when faced with uncertainty and validate that intuitive sense of knowing that comes from having a spiritual transformation in recovery.

Materials needed: tarot deck, journal, pen.

Laura is a queer healer, artist, and educator who has been reading tarot and studying astrology since she was 13 years old. Her readings are intuitively crafted for each individual and informed by feminist interpretations of ancient mythology.

Love and a return to wholeness are principle forces of the universe. Astrology, tarot, and energy healing are supportive tools to guide us on our individual paths of healing. Laura believes that a spark of divine magic resides in each of us and will awaken the inner witch, wizard, and magician in you.

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