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October 03, 2021, 06:00 PM

Pet Happiness Hour: Celebrating the Role of Animals in Our Recovery

A talk by Arielle Clark, Mindy Dutka, Tawny Lara, Mercy Lee Bell, Lazarus Letcher, Alyssa May Hart, Dani Moravek, Karla Rosa, Crystal Rosales and Marina Sachs Sis Got Tea, Dogs I Meet, Recovery Rocks, Sober Voices, Sober Voices, Creative Nutrition Co., soberIRL & SOBER BABY

Come hang out with us. Bring your dog, your iguana, your cat, your pet rock -- or whatever mystical animal form your best friend takes. Folks will be sharing amazing stories of how their pet has helped them heal, recover, and/or grow. We hope you'll share too!

Arielle Clark

Owner and Founder of Sis Got Tea, Louisville, KY's, Black-owned, queer-owned, LGBTQ-owned tea business. Published author. Black, queer, polyamorous, neurodivergent woman.

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