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October 01, 2021, 05:00 PM

All You Touch You Change: The Recovery Justice Framework

A talk by golden collier Radical Facilitator & Multidisciplinary Artist, Black Queer Trans Recovery, Diasporan Savant Press, & The Recovery Justice Podcast

Recovery Justice is a liberatory intersectional framework for examining the myriad systems, institutions, and societal power structures that influence individual and community access to recovery from harmful relationships to substances, food, behavioral patterns, and connections with self and others. Recovery Justice rejects the reduction of addiction as simple individual pathology or defect and seeks to illuminate and directly challenge the ways in which systemic harm is embedded into the lives of communities, both historically and contemporarily.

Through this interactive workshop, golden will explore the framework and encourage us all to dream/strategize how we can realize our visions of a more just world where recovery and healing is accessible to all.


This session was developed by golden collier (they ♡ he) of Diasporan Savant Press, a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator based in West Philadelphia. Their work often orbits the themes of self-determination, healing, and empowerment for QTBIPOC and their favorite mediums currently include film, movement, printmaking, and book arts.

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