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October 01, 2021, 09:45 PM

WORKOUT (35 Minutes) // Move With Intention: Mobility

A talk by Minky Founder + Head Trainer, Han Training (formerly LiftyBoi Training) Visit site

Although we have the sole right to our bodies and what we do with it, I also believe that with this right we have a great responsibility to ourselves and those around us to be incredibly intentional about how we move through space with said body.

This requires a focused practice on understanding your bodily limits and exploring how to open up through those limits safely and as a way to further expand your bodily (and mental) capacity.

Mobility, though seemingly boring and tedious, is essential in order to utilize strength in the safest and most effective way possible - just as being mindful and intentional is essential in order to avoid causing harm and best serve yourself and your community.

Not always fun, but crucial!

In this session, we'll explore our body mobility and discover our limits in a safe and gentle manner - the goal is to understand your own personal range of motion and learn how to ease those tight spaces open. I will cover each movement before we start, and will continue to give you cues throughout. This workout will be approximately 20-30 min long.

Modifiers for varying levels will be shown, and any additional equipment will be accessible in your home (ie. wall, chair, etc.)

About LiftyBoi Training:

"Hey there, my name is Minky (they/them).

I am the owner, founder, and head trainer of LiftyBoi Training.

I am an avid lifter, bodybuilder, rock climber, and overall strength fitness enthusiast. I find joy in moving my body through space in ways I never thought possible and I revel in feeling myself get stronger. My goal is to share this love with others and help them feel confident in their strength.

Before I became a Certified Personal Trainer, I quickly realized that a huge number of queer, trans, fat, and low-income communities avoid gym/fitness spaces because of how intimidating, gendered, and fat-shaming the culture can be. Being a queer, nonbinary transmasculine immigrant of color, I am not unfamiliar to this sort of discomfort and feelings of danger in spaces that may not be inclusive.

Sometimes, the prices alone can also be quite steep for a space that can be increasingly uncomfortable physically, mentally, and emotionally. On the other hand, though a typical big box gym can be more affordable, many people don't know where to start and just bounce around on the equipment without a plan or structure to efficiently attain their goals.

I've listened to many stories about how hard it is to feel motivated knowing that it all feels incredibly inaccessible and impossible to maintain.

I decided to move forward with a PT certification in order to create access for the communities I hold dear. LiftyBoi Training was designed to provide a resource to all the people who were tired of having none. To gain fitness guidance from a trainer who could empathize with their concerns. I want queer, trans, fat, POC, disabled, and low-income folx in our community to feel empowered in every aspect of their lives.

LiftyBoi strives to further open the door that others have done before and challenge the world to create even more space for marginalized communities to step forward and show that being healthy and fit doesn’t have to prescribe to one standardized idea of body, race, gender, or income.


Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) Certified Veterinary Technician

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