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October 02, 2021, 09:15 PM

WORKSHOP: Sober Dating, Sex, and Relationships 101

A talk by Tawny Lara and Mercy Lee Bell Recovery Rocks & Sober Voices

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Have you ever taken a shot of whiskey to curb those first date jitters, desperately waiting for the liquid courage to kick in? Some of us have. It wasn't until Tawny Lara's 30th birthday that she decided to take a step back, stop binge drinking, and figure out what she actually wanted from a date or a romantic relationship. But then all of a sudden she had a problem: How to date, let alone have sex, in sobriety?

This workshop provides attendees with sober dating tips like (1) Where to go on said dates (2) When to "come out" as sober to your date (3) How to present your sobriety on a dating app (4) A resource guide with sober dating apps.

Tawny Lara is a bisexual NYC-based writer, public speaker, and podcaster. She’s passionate about breaking stigmas associated with both sobriety and sexuality. Her words have been published in Playboy, Men’s Health, HuffPost, and her blog She’s also the co-host of Recovery Rocks podcast. Fun fact: She has a spicy taco dish named after her (“La Chica Diabla”) in her hometown of Waco, Texas.

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